Wednesday, May 13, 2015

What I thought of...Secret Wars #2

Secret Wars #2: ALL THORS. ALL THE TIME. OK, maybe not all Thors, all the time, but there's a lot of Thors in this issue. A. Lot. The universes have smashed up and we get to see what's left in it's wake, thanks to the story of a young Thor and his "tour" of some of the kingdoms. We see a lot of familiar faces in unfamiliar roles.
The Good: This is, literally, a world building issue. We get the layout of the tarein of the "current" Marvel Universe, I mean WORLD. Who's who and what's what is mostly laid out for us in this issue and writer Jonathon Hickman does a great job of explaining things through the story. Artwise, Esad Ribic turns out another great issue, with some pretty interesting new designs for some of our favorite Marvel characters.
The Bad: Oh my GOD this issue is BORING!!!! I read it laying down and that was a BIG mistake, because I fell asleep twice. The last time I fell asleep reading a comic was.....yeah, that's never happened before.
The Verdict: Grab yourself a Battleworld map and wait for next issue. You're gonna save yourself $5 and about 30 minutes. This felt more like homework than a big company wide crossover. Oh the plus side, it's nice to look at, and there are some stories started that I'm very curious to follow.

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