Wednesday, May 6, 2015

What I thought...Secret Wars #1

Secret Wars #1: It's the clash of the......oh my God, I'm not even gonna try. Shit's blowin' up all over the place! Like, for real!
The Good: Just like everyone else, I was excited but a little skeptical going in. I changed my mind by page 3. From then on, it was just a roller coaster ride of keeping track of what and who were getting destroyed. Besides starring a cast hundreds (it might be thousands, I lost count), there's some really great cameos and somehow writer Jonathan Hickman manages to make about 11 different stories happening at the same time followable. Esad Ribic's art is crazy good, and a lot of fun.
The Bad: Get a scorecard!! Really, Wikepedia is about to become your best friend. You're at least going to need a sheet of paper to write down all the people that get captured, killed, disappear or just show up in this issue. Marvel better put out a director's cut for this at some point.
What you should do: You've all ready bought it, and that's a good thing.

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