Wednesday, May 6, 2015

What I thought of...Star Wars Kanan The Last Padawan #2

Star Wars Kanan The Last Padawan #2: Order 66 has been given. The Clone Troopers have started executing the Jedi...and, it's actually pretty cool to look at. Kanan sets out on the run, trying to survive against the Clone Army that was once his "family". The only problem....he doesn't really know how to.
The Good: First, I usually go on and one about the writing and the story. Today, I'm gonna switch that up and talk about the art by Pepe Larraz. IT IS AWESOME!!!! I mean, seriously. It not only gels perfectly with the Star Wars universe, it's just straight-up awesome art. Page layouts, details, storytelling, Larraz is one talented individual!! As for the story, well, it's pretty great. I'm gonna spoil something that you all ready know. A Jedi gets killed. After that, Kanan is left to fend for himself on a planet with a full brigade of Clone Troopers that're all gunning for him. So, he needs to figure out a way to get off the planet and back to the Jedi Temple where he'll be safe and sound...he thinks. The problem is, like I mentioned earlier, he's been in the care of the Jedi since he was a "youngling" and doesn't know how to survive on his own. He doesn't know how to get food, he doesn't know how to say safe, who to turn to for help, and it makes for a really fantastic story. I wouldn't expect any less from Greg Weisman, and he delivered BIG TIME!!
The Bad: Sometimes, the action takes up a big part of the book. Almost too big. Now, even though Weisman has written some great comics, he's primarily an animation writer, and in a visual medium, a fight can take 15-30 seconds, but on the comic page, to effectively show that same fight, might take 5 pages, which is 25% of your comic. It's not a huge complaint, the book has a really good flow to it, but in the first half of the book, the fighting does take up quite a big chunk.
What you should do: BUY IT!!! Seriously, this title is great and so is this issue. I never really thought that I'd like a comic set in the prequel era this much, but the creative team have proven me wrong! It seems like I say it every week, Marvel has put the best of the best on these Star Wars titles, and it shows.

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