Sunday, March 24, 2013

15 Days of GI Joe-Day 11!!!

Yesterday we mentioned him, today we focus on him. That's right, the Godfather of GI Joe-Larry Hama!!! He's the one man on Earth that's spent more time on GI Joe than anybody else, and fans, we are SO lucky to have him. Back in the day, Hasbro came to Marvel Comics with the GI Joe toy line and asked them to create the back story for this new line of action figures that they were releasing. After every other writer turned it down, the job went to Larry Hama. Hama, who at the time, was working on a new comic for Marvel call Fury Force, took that pitch and used it for GI Joe, and thus, a legend was born. So first, I want to thank every writer at Marvel Comics who turned down the assignment. And it goes without saying that we ALL need to thank Larry Hama. Without him, who can even imagine what would've happened to GI Joe, but I think it's safe to say that it would've been a lot less entertaining and we'd all probably be going to see Olympus Has Fallen next weekend. Below is a video of a Q & A that Larry did at the 2010 Candian GI Joe convention.

And you can read a GREAT interview with him at Joe Battle Lines right here..

Oh yeah, did I mention that Larry was on an episode of MASH? True story!

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