Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What I thought of....Star Wars #3

Luke vs Leia! Han & Chewie!! Darth Vader!! All this in more in the latest issue of Dark Horse's Star Wars comic written by Brian Wood.
The Good: If you love the classic trilogy as much as I do, this book is for you!! The issue is PACKED with story. There's a Han Solo & Chewbacca vs the Empire story, a Luke Skywalker/Princess Leia story, a Darth Vader story, and the ongoing arc of the traitor within the Rebellion. Did I mention that it's all AWESOME? Brian Wood is KILLING it on this book!! Not to mention Carlos D'Anda's art really bringing this comic to life. This is a natural, believable, tale that would take place after Episode 4, and I love everything about this book.
The Bad: The names. I have a feeling that I should know some of the supporting characters, but I don't. I think POSSIBLY they're established characters in the Expanded Universe, but I'm not sure. If any of you EU fans are out there reading this and I'm wrong, please leave a comment or drop me a line. That's pretty much my only complaint, and it's a very small one.
The Verdict: Yup, this comic is worth the $2.99, so I suggest you buy it. This comic totally reminds me of the old "anything goes" Marvel Comics series that was published after the first movie. There's some interesting stuff that takes place between Luke & Leia, and yes, you'll snicker at it, but again remember, Wood is writing this book as if Episode 4 was the only Star Wars movie that's ever existed. And, sometimes, I wish that were true.

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