Friday, March 15, 2013

15 Days of GI Joe!!...Day 2!

In just 1 short weeks, GI Joe: Retaliation hits theaters! First off, let me say that advance tickets go on sale TODAY!!!!! What are you waiting for? Go grab your tickets for the midnight show!!! Today, we take a look at GI Joe toy commercials from the 80's. Yes, they're hokey, but when I watched these as a kid, my mind was blown!!

How did they get these kids so small? And, I want a jungle in my backyard!


Tomax! Xamot!!

-First off, I gotta say that I LOVE that they did unique animation for these commercials. They could've just take some footage from the GI Joe cartoon that was airing at the time, but I'm glad they didn't. Second-THEY MADE UP SONGS for these guys!! How awesome is that? See you tomorrow with some more GI Joe awesomeness!!!

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