Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What you should buy....3/6/2013

Some good stuff out this week!! Marvel's next big event starts, and lots of other fun stuff. Let's get to it!!
Bionic Man #17: Another fun issue!! The new writer and artist are really coming into their own on this book. Pick it up!!
Age of Ultron #1: It's Ultron vs everyone in the Marvel universe! And it looks like he's all ready won!!
Superman Family Adventures #10: I love this book so much. And so should you.
All New X-Men #8: Not as good as the previous issues, but still a lot of fun.
GI Joe: A Real American Hero #188: Larry Hama + GI Joe = AWESOME!!!!
Green Arrow #18: The new creative team is FANTASTIC!!! READ THIS BOOK!!!
Superior Spider-Man #5: Uh-oh. Doc Ock's dickisness is REALLY starting to show!!
Helheim #1: OK, I'll be honest, this is probably something that I wouldn't read. BUT, my good friends Patrick & Dal over at Challengers Comics are SO behind this book, I have to say, give it a chance!!

-As always, if you're in Chicago, get your ass over to Challengers Comics and see me!!! This Wednesday is special, as we'll have the artist of HelHeim, Joelle Jones, signing and after that a fan meet & greet. See you there!!

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