Tuesday, April 9, 2013

What I thought of...Age of Ultron #5

Age of Ultron #5: My God. The Marvel Universe is in trouble. With a capitol U. All our heroes are either A) dead because of Ultron or B) about to be killed by Ultron. Either way you look at it, the choices aren't that great.
The Good: The story. For some reason, I love end of the world, all the heroes put aside their differences and team up to take out the bad guy stories. Brian Michael Bendis has packed this story with that in spades. Besides that, there are some pretty big things that happen in this issue. Some things I fear that are going be very, very bad for the future of (this) Marvel Universe.
The Bad: I don't believe it. OK, look. We're all smart here. We know from reading Previews that the Marvel Universe is still going to be here AFTER this story ends. Even if it wasn't for solicitations 3 months ahead of time, there's no way Marvel would actually ever END the Marvel Universe. So, there's a limit to how much I'm going to be "scared" that Ultron will win and everyone will die. The other part that I wasn't really 100% in love with this issue was Brian Hitch's art. It seemed really rushed for some reason.
The Verdict: You're halfway in, why would you NOT buy it? Besides, despite the complaints that I have about this issue, it's still a really fun comic.

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