Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What I thought of...Superior Spider-Man #8

Superior Spider-Man #8: This issue, Doc Ock(or Spider-Man)vs Cardiac with the fate of a little girl hanging in the balance! We get some Avengers, some hospital drama, and we get a little bit of some pretty interesting mystery.
The Good: HUMBERTO RAMOS!!!! Look, you know I'm not one to spoil things, but there is a LOT of this issue that takes place in a hospital-not really exciting super-hero fighting stuff (but there IS that too), and this guy draws in incredibly. I could watch this guy draw the phone book. Um, that's not how that saying goes, is it? Combine that with a good story and you've got a winner.
The Bad: Look, I'm gonna nitpick for a mintue (and I can, because I RARELY ever do),but for the love of God can everyone PLEASE stop saying that Doc Ock is Spider-Man's greatest enemy?!?!?! We know that's simply NOT TRUE! Not by a long shot!!! Maybe Dan Slott's never heard of the GREEN GOBLIN? It's pretty much like saying Batman's greatest villain is The Riddler.
The Verdict: BUY IT! Overall, an excellent issue of a fun series. Does it have some plot holes? Sure. But, it sure is a LOT of fun!

PS-Just mentioning the Green Goblin makes me think of my favorite Spider-Man cartoon ever. So............HERE IT IS!!!

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