Thursday, April 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Superman!!!

75 years ago today, the world changed forever. When Action Comics #1 debuted the world fell in love with The Strange Visitor from Another Planet. Although, quite different from the Superman we know today, he unleashed the imagination of a whole generation. And that spirit has been passed on to this very day. Inspiring thousands of people to not only do what's right, but to create COMICS. Just think about it for a second. Right now Hollywood and the population at large is in love with super heroes. There's now 2 to 3 comic book based movies every year, and there's no end in sight. NONE of that would've been possible if the 2 kids from Cleveland hadn't decided to make their OWN super hero 75 years ago.
-There have been many versions or incarnations of Superman over the years, but here's some of my personal favorites.  
Pocket Mego Superman: This was the first Superman toy that I ever owned. I still have it(somewhere), and it'll always be my second favorite Superman toy. I played with this so much, it was crazy. The best part? It was just a pain and simple figure. No "action". No punches, no kicks, no nothing. All I had was my imagination and 5 points of articulation.

Ruby Spears Superman: This cartoon blew my mind!!! It aired Saturday mornings on CBS, and followed the John Bryne Man of Steel continuity. Each episode featured a main Superman adventure, followed by a Clark Kent discovering his powers cartoon short (remenber, in Bryne's version, there was no Superboy).  To this day, it's still my favorite Superman cartoon.
The Man of Steel #1: This was, and always will be, my favorite Superman comic series ever. It was just after Crisis on Infinite Earths, and John Bryne debuted a six issue mini series that retold and rebooted Superman for a new generation. Classic stuff.
Super Powers Superman Action Figure: This is my favorite Superman toy, bar none. Classic.

-In celebration of Superman's 75th birthday, every week I'll be spotlighting Superman in one aspect of another. Culminating on June 11th, when The Man of Steel opens in theaters everywhere.

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