Monday, April 1, 2013

Stuff you NEED to buy-4/3/13

Some great, great stuff this week! But let's concentrate on the stuff that I would recommend:
Age of Ultron #4-MORE HUGE SURPRISES!!!
Back Issue #63-One of my favorite magazines around today(that doesn't feature naked women)! This issue spotlights British comic book heroes!

All New X-Men #10-The bad guys are a'comin!

The Adventures of Superman by Jose Luiis Garcia Lopez-Garcia Lopez is one of my all time favorite artists. This is some of his BEST work!

Miss Fury #1-Brand new Pulp title from Dynamite!

GI Joe Special Missions #2-Chuck Dixon + Paul Gulacy =BUY THIS!

Green Arrow #19-This book is SOOOO good now!!
Lone Ranger #14-GREAT Stand alone story!!

Superior Spider-Man #7-Spidey's got some explaining to do-TO THE AVENGERS!!!!!

-Again, some really FUN books coming out this week. As always, I'll be at Challengers Comics + Conversation this Wednesday-MAKE SURE YOU ARE TOO!!

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