Wednesday, April 17, 2013

He-Man Week-Day 3!!!

This is it!!! Today's the day!!!! He-Man & The Masters of the Universe #1 debuts from DC Comics!! A brand new ongoing series from writer Keith Giffen with art by Pop Mhan, this series picks up were the recent mini series left off. Here's the official word from DC comics:

Written by Keith Giffen, the new comic picks up where the miniseries left off — Prince Adam and the Masters are back in power, while Skeletor and his minions plot their revenge. More importantly, though, Hordak is coming to invade Eternia, and he's bringing Adam's sister Adora (usually better known as She-Ra) with him! MotU fans should recall that in the original series, Hordak kidnapped Princess Adora when she was an infant, and raised her as part of his evil Horde. The new comic amps that up, casting Adora as Hordak's deadliest warrior Despera. 

Come back tomorrow for my (unbiased) review!!!!

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