Monday, April 22, 2013

What I thought of...Guardians of the Galaxy #2

Guardians of the Galaxy #2: Earth is attacked!!!!! With only the Guardians ready to save it!...because Earth has NO other super heroes on it capable of helping out (actually, that's explained).
The Good: Oh my GOD!!! I have to tell you, I was as big a doubter as anyone about this book, but man, was I WRONG. I totally thought that Marvel put Bendis on this book because of the movie, and they just needed to build up the Guardians of the Galaxy brand so that the "comic book audience" would go see this movie. But, Bendis has a genuine LOVE for these characters. What logically should be a HORRIBLE team, he makes a GREAT team. And the feather in the cap is Iron Man. The way he interacts with them is fantastic. I guess it's because he's been solely interacting with the Avengers for the past 50 years, but this is SUCH a fresh take, that I've totally fallen in love with the character and the rest of the cast.
The Bad: There's a part that I WON'T spoil that is just really unbelievable, even by comic book standards, that it was hard to get past. Also, we find out the reason that the planet Earth is "off limits" to the rest of the galaxy, and it's pretty underwhelming.
The Verdict: Pick it up!!! Yeah, there's a couple things that don't make sense, but overall the book is just plain awesome!!! I hope that this title continues for a long, lone time.

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