Saturday, April 20, 2013

He-Man Week-Day 5!!!!!

OK, so I got ahead of myself. Yesterday I posted Day SIX, when I should've posted Day FIVE, sorry for anyone thinking that they either missed a day or where in a coma for a day. Anyways, in 1987, when the Masters of the Universe line was pretty close to being over, Cannon Films released a live action Masters of the Universe movie!!!

............yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah. Children everywhere that went expecting to see He-Man, Skeletor, Beast Man, Trap Jaw, Orko, ect. were all VERY dissapointed. The movie was NOTHING like the cartoon that everyone had come to know and love. It was basically a sort of Flash Gordon/generic sci-fi movie that pitted He-Man against Skeletor and the majority of it took place on EARTH. Not cool!!! But, it does have that certain cheesy appeal, and it's reached cult classic status.
Fast forward 30 years and there's a NEW Masters of the Universe movie in the works!! John M. Chu, director of GI Joe Retaliation, has been tapped to bring He-Man and company to the big screen for what promises to be a HUGE blockbuster film. The best part? John Chu LOVES Masters of the Universe!!! Here's a quote from shortly after he landed the MOTU gig:

Chu: I LOVED the toys growing up. I had Grayskull, I had BattleCat/Cringer, I had Stratos and Orko and obviously He-Man and Skeletor. I also watched the cartoon a lot growing up. This is my era, so going to Mattel to visit their headquarters was like walking into a childhood fantasy. They had a lifesized He-Man in the lobby as well as a glass case with EVERY SINGLE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE action figure on display. It brought me back to my youth and I knew I had to be a part of getting this movie together. For every MOTU fan out there, it felt like it was time and I wanted to make sure to protect it in the process.

-Now, more than ever, I am SUPER excited about this movie. Having someone who loves and respects the franchise directing can only make the movie more awesome. According to some sites, the movie is set for a 2014 release. I wouldn't hold me breath on that, we're almost at the halfway point of 2013 and the movie hasn't even been cast yet. I hope that when it DOES hit theaters, there's plenty of this guy in the movie....

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