Sunday, April 14, 2013

What I thought of...Captain America #6

Captain America #6: This issue's got a LOT going on! Cap vs Phrox! Zola tries to take over Ian's mind! Zola's sexy daughter!
The Good: Man, the art on this issue is KILLER!!! JR, JR. has 3 different inkers, and they all work. REALLY well. Between that and the world that Romita, JR. has created for this story arc, it's just amazing. Add to that, Remender's (who I'm not usually a fan of) stellar writing on this book, and you've got yourself a must read. When I read the previews for this book and his take in general, I was, let's just say, less than impressed. But, I was wrong. This is a great story that I can see myself revisiting more than once in the future.
The Bad: Even though I've been reading this book for 6 months, I still get confused. And having The Phrox speak in gibberish doesn't help either. And there's still a lot about Zola and his powers that I don't understand.
The Verdict: Buy it! Good far outweighs any bad there is.

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