Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What you should buy-4/24/13

Not a huge week this week, but still some good stuff. BUT, the biggest news comes AFTER Wednesday, right Chicago?!?!?!?!?!
Superman Family Adventures #12: Sadly, the last issue. This has been one of my favorite Superman books ever!! Thanks for everything, Art & Franco!!
Flash #19: I got two words for ya...............REVERSE FLASH!!!!
GI Joe #3: You'll buy this because it's good. VERY good. SUPER good. And then you'll go see GI Joe Retaliation!
All Star Western #19: Can't tell you why, but the surprise guest is BOOSTERRIFIC!!!
KISS Starchild: Read this and you'll rock and roll all night and party everyday (individual results may vary) !!!!
Guardians of the Galaxy #2: This book is awesome!!! Buy it!!

Yes, comics are awesome. BUT, the real awesomeness comes Friday, Saturday and Sunday when C2E2 starts!!!
I'll be at the Challengers Comics booth (Booth #333) every day of the show, so stop by and say hi! I mean it!!! And would it kill you to bring me a diet coke? I'm stranded at the booth!!!!!!

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