Monday, April 15, 2013

He-Man Week-Day 1!!!

He's the coolest. He's the most bad-ass. He's the Most Powerful Man in the Universe!!! He is...HE-MAN!!! This week, in celebration of the new DC Comic (Out this Wednesday) I'll be taking a look back (and forward) at some of the different incarnations of He-Man & The Masters of the Universe. Now, where else would I start, but with the toy that started it all. The year was 1982 and all across America kids, including myself, went nuts for this guy...
Shield, sword AND ax? How awesome was this guy? Plus, he came with something not to commonplace at all....a COMIC BOOK!!! Well, the first few "mini-comics" weren't really comic books. Tiny illustrated storybooks would be more accurate. The first one told the story of He-Man, the most powerful man in his.....tribe? Yup, his tribe. He left his tribe because evil had come to his planet, Eternia, and although he would've rather stayed with them, he decided to go on his "noble mission" and go and battle the forces of evil so that his tribe would have long-lasting peace. Quite different from the He-Man we know and love, right?

Up until that point in my childhood, pretty much all of my figures had been 3&3/4", which was fine by me, but then came these GIANT figures that were super awesome to play with. The only problem? I wanted Castle Grayskull. Bad. And, in 1983, it may as well have been a million dollars.

Still, it was wicked awesome. Come back tomorrow for another look at the best toy line IN THE UNIVERSE!!!

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