Thursday, April 4, 2013

Lt. Uhura is a Guardian of the Galaxy!!!!

Word broke yesterday of Zoe Saldana (Star Trek, Avatar) has nabbed the female lead role in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie!!! For those of you that aren't familiar with the character, here's a brief description:
Created by Jim Starlin in 1975, Gamora is the adopted daughter of cosmic baddie (and Avengers 2 villian) Thanos! She's got super human strength and agility and an accelerated healing factor. She's been a member of the United Front, the Phalanx, The Infinity Watch and of course, The Guardians of the Galaxy.
-If casted, Saldana will join Chris Pratt and Dave Bautista in the movie, which is being directed by James Gunn and opens on August 1 of next year.
-And yes, I would pay $10 to see this girl
In this outfit

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