Monday, April 8, 2013

What I thought of...Star Wars #4

A less awesome issue than normal, but still awesome. I have to say, though, Carlos D'Anda is REALLY good. I mean really REALLY REALLY good.
The Good: The good parts in this issue are REALLY good. A TON of mysteries are set up in this issue, and I really can't wait to see just how they're paid off. Brian Wood has really just thrown a lot of continuity out the window. Actually, he hasn't. He's just decided not to use it.
The Bad: There's a lot of things that confuse me in this issue. For one, basically the whole rebel plot line. The traitor story line seems to have almost been abandoned. Yeah, there was some scratching my head moments in this issue, and, some parts that just flat out bored me.
The Verdict: Even an off issue of this title is still a great comic. Grab it! And send me an email after you're read it. There's a couple things that I need explained to me!

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